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Swine Flu H1N1 Vaccinations

The HSE have, finally, contacted the school to let us know that they will be administering the H1N1 innoculation in mid-March. Unfortunately our school premises do not meet their requirements ( or ours either, I hasten to add!), so they are offering our parents/children a two hour slot in the Balbriggan HSE clinic ( Hampton Street). They have been unable to specify a date and time-slot yet, but will get back to me on that. I will communicate this to all the parents when I have been informed. In addition I will distribute the complex pre-Innoculation form to each home. This means that the responsibility lies with the parent to collect the child from school on this specified day and to bring the child independently to the clinic for vaccination along with the completed pre-Innoculation form. We will not allow a child to be withdrawn from the school for the purpose of this visit by anybody other than his/her own parent unless we have been informed in writing in advance, and we will hold strictly to this protocol. The parent may then choose to return the child to the school after the vaccination if the parent is confident that the child is not suffering any after-effect.


The develoment of the school over the next five years

The school is now in its fifth year, and the school’s original Fve Year Plan is coming to an end. The process of mapping out the next five years for the school has begun! Shortly parents will be invited to a sries of sessions where they can play an active role in shaping the school’s future, keep a close eye on the Parent Newsletters for details. In the meantime the school’s teachers and care-staff have begun to have their say in a series of workshops and meetings. The children through the Student Council will have their say too. Invitations to the Patron Body ( Educate Together) and to our other partner orgainisations for their views and suggestions have been issued.It is hoped to complete the work by June 2010, and to start to implement the new plan in September 2010 coincidental to moving into our nw building. Excitiing times!

Building roll-out

Fintan ( Principal) and Paschal ( Deputy Principal) were given a Guided Tour of the building to date. We were able to talk through some features with the buider and to make recommendations based on our visit to the Gorey ETNS ( similar building erected last year). Though delighted with all that we see, we have continued to express our reservations to the DES on the absence of a General Purpose facility for the teaching of PE, Drama, Assemblies etc. and for misgivings about recent decisions concerning the size of the school grounds.

New primary school for Balbrigan area!

I was delighted to learn today of the development of a new primary school for the Balbriggan area under the Patronage of the Co. Dublin VEC. We have contacted the DES to find out more about this development: where exactly it will be located? how prospective parents/children may apply for school places? etc. I will keep you informed as I learn more.

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