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Cold Snap Update for Wednesday 1st December

The school will open on Wednesday.
All off-campus bus trips scheduled for Wednesday will proceed as planned. We are optimisitc that all lunches will be delivered.
We will not make a call on the outdoor after-school clubs until lunchtime. Ensure children have coats, scarves, hats , gloves etc etc for outdoor play. The “Gaeilge for Parents class” will proceed as normal.
Book Fair is open for its last day, parents can visit from 8.30am to 9am, and from 1.15pm to 2.45pm, or the children can attend to the Book Fair anytime during the day to buy a book. All commission from sales will go to the restocking of the childrens’ classroom libraries. Please buy a book if you can.


Cold Snap Update for Tuesday

The school will be open Tuesday morning.
The Educational visits to the Museum of Modern Art, Imaginosity and The Ark( all part of Arts Week) have had to be postponed , and will take place at a later date.
The planned enrolment of new Junior Infant children scheduled for this morning will go ahead.
Our landline 01 6904635 is out of order, and we have contacted Eircom who will try to fix it a s a p, apologies for this inconvenience.
Parents are asked to pack a small snack in their children’s bags in case the sandwich delivery doesn’t make it (but they have promised us that they will do their best). The outdoor after-school clubs for Monday and Tuesday are cancelled.
The school Book Fair will proceed , upstairs in room 13B, parents are welcome from 8.30am to 9pm , and from 1.15pm to 2.45pm. All commission from sales will go to restocking the children’s class-libraries , so please do call in!
Our other on-campus workshops and special-lessons which are part of our Arts Week will proceed as planned.
Many thanks for the lovely comments made by parents Jennifer and Carl to Monday’s posting. Please feel free to make some comments to today’s.

Open or Closed? Cold snap 28th November

It is our intention to open the school tomorrow (Monday 29th November), with whatever teaching and care staff succeed in attending. School will proceed as normal hours, but breakfast club and homework club are cancelled. The other after-school clubs will only proceed if that particular teacher is in attendance. Parents are asked to note:

  • this decision has been made in good faith at 4pm on Sunday 28th November according to the most accurate weather-forecast available. It may have to change according to conditions, so parents are asked to double-check this Principal’s Blog frequently.
  • This decision applies to Monday only and decisions for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be made separately for each day as far in advance as is sensible and possible. Please consult this Blog each day, there will be no more direct text messages.
  • It is quite likely that the children’s school lunches will not be delivered, so parents are asked to pack lunches for the children for the duration of this spell.
  • All of the special bus-trips and educational-visits that were to take place as parts of our Arts Week will be cancelled on a day-by-day basis with Monday’s trips already cancelled.
  • Parents are asked to , if possible, walk their children to school, and if driving exercise great carefulness and patience in the school’s campus.
  • if the Minister for Education and Skills makes a call that schools are to close, her decision over-rides that made by ourselves.


The DEIS initiative for selected primary schools is one of the success stories of recent Irish Educational history. For schools like ours the extra financial, human-resource and professional support offered by our DEIS status has been central to whatever successes we have had over the three years of our membership. DEIS stands for Delivering Equality In Schools and it has delivered equality of experience, equality of attainment, equality of provision and equality of opportunity for the children and families who attend our school. We have measured this, we have engaged in reseach that has corroborated this, it has been evdenced in formal whole-school evaluations that have been undertaken by the DES Inspectorate and it is visible and tangible to anybody who visits us.
It is with great concern that I read that the DEIS scheme may be one of the casualties of fiscal-rectitude borne out of outrageous political and banking fiscal-recklessness. It is of even greater concern that I read that this move may have the support of the Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Skills, a new and unwelcome interpretation of their ‘advisory’ role.
If anybody wants to see a cameo of past and continuing fiscal-recklessness within the Department of Education and Skills there are endless opportunities to do so.Quango after quango proliferate that play no valuable function but pay top dollar to layers and layers of management, administration and buildings to house themselves. Caseloads of cash paid to companies to erect temporary buildings and then rent the temporary buildings when a modicum of foresight, planning and basic organisational competence could have ensured that employment was created through the building of permanent infrastructure. Millions and millions of euros being spent on the purchase of school sites to fatcat developers and speculators when simple legislative change could acquire these sites as compulsory purchase orders. That’s just a few examples of wanton waste that we see have seen first-hand in the short history of our school.
Equality goes hand-in-hand with Justice. Save the DEIS scheme or forget about any committment to education as a vehicle of equality or justice.

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