Why do we have a Feile na Gaeilge?

This year will see our first ever Feile Na Gaeilge. This has come about as part of our self-evaluation of our work in the school for our first five years and the development of our 2nd Five Year Plan. The goal of Feile na Gaeilge is to raise the profile of our competence and successes in teaching the Irish language to our children and in developing in the children a sense of Irish identity as part of our citizenship project.
In our school twenty three different languages are spoken amongst our school community. Many of our children are routinely bilingual or even trilingual. In this context the teaching of the Irish language and the children’s acquisition/learning of the Irish langauge is done on the fertile ground of such linguistic skills and experience. This is evidenced in the children’s standards of attainment in the Irish language which is comfortably in keeping with the currciculum guidelines and standards and matches, if not surpasses, those of any other school patronage or type. Feile na Gaeilge aims to bring the fun and focus that only a ‘special event’ can bring and, now, has a place on our annual calendar with Human Rights Month ( October), Arts Week (late November) and Get Active Week ( June). Thanks to the school’s Parent Association and Board of Management, for the generous financial assistance which makes all this possible.
A further purpose of Feile na Gaeilge is the celebration of Irish identity and culture. All of our children are Irish citizens and the sense of citizenship that is the aim of our Educate Together school is the development of a future citizen that can engage and actively-participate in a future Ireland. This Ireland of the future is a nation that is simultaneously refelctive of our multifaceted identities but also our willingness to act in solidarity with one another in the common cause of making Ireland a good place for us all to live. The ability and willingness of all the children in our school community to add their knowledge-of and affinity-to Irish language, games, visual art, music, drama and literature to the richness of their own ‘home’-cultures will serve them well in this aspiration. Let the fun begin /ar aghaidh linn leis and Feile. Bi cainteach, bi pairteach! Please feel free to leave a comment!


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