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Make-Up or No-Make-Up

We request your opinion!

It has emerged that many of our older girls in the school are choosing to wear make-up to school and it has prompted a discussion at all levels in our school most notably amongst the children themselves, but also at teacher,
parent and management levels too. To the extent that it really is decision time! Please help us in our decision making by contributing to this Blog?

At the children-level, the Student Council representatives have gleaned the views from all the boys and girls in their classes and brought them to the Council meetings. They are quite ‘split’ in their opinions. Many have argued that it is the child’s right to express himself/herself in this way, in a similar vein as we do when we have our ‘no uniform’ policy about clothes. Other children feel that they are being pressurised by their peers into wearing make-up and that they would prefer if there was a clear ban from the school on wearing make-up. One or two have said that those children wearing make-up are subtly bullying those who don’t by asserting that ‘cool’ people wear make-up and those who don’t (or aren’t allowed) ‘aren’t cool’.

Teachers, too, are differing in opinion. In addition to the opinions of the children as stated above further issues are emerging. Some teachers feel that the children who wish to wear make-up must be respected in their choice to do so and that the issue does not vary from similar discussions about, for example, jewellery where the only ban is on the kind of jewellery that might cause a health and safety risk or concern. However, many teachers feel that the school should ban the wearing of make-up outright. These teachers feel that wearing make-up to school reflects the exploitative and early-sexualisation desire of many companies and interests in the fashion industries for their own gain. Similarly, these teachers feel that the school should be a safe-haven from these forces for all children, both those who are wearing the make-up and those who are not.

Parents, too, differ in their opinions. Some parents of children who are wearing make-up will assert that this is the world the children are living in and that the children are wearing make-up in other social situations, so why not school. Other parents feel that it would assist them greatly in their domestic battle against the wearing of make-up if the school simply banned it.

We would like ot make a decision shortly on ths matter and your comments to this Blog cold be of great benefit to us in this process. So please comment.


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